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Breakfast with balloons

August 08, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Getting out of bed at 4.30am is becoming an annual event for us. We last did it almost a year to the day when we arose before dawn to catch the magnificent mass ascent at the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta.

It's August again, which means one of the major highlights of the Bristol events calendar has returned. You can't really describe me and Virginia as morning people and the idea of waking up so early usually fills us with dread. But witnessing the beauty of hot air balloons gently floating into the sky in the early morning light is well worth the early start! 

We didn't think the experience we had in 2013 could be beaten, but I'm delighted to say the 2014 fiesta has shot into first place!

Strong winds prevented the ascent of many of the largest balloons last year, but the sky were perfect this morning which meant more than 100 were able to take off!

Ashton Court Estate was packed as the nylon beasts including a giant Smurf, a massive football trophy and a huge dragon rose from the grass.

The morning also featured some crazy chaps on solo missions as you can see in the video below. Rather them than me!

Like last year, we celebrated the balloon-fest with a breakfast in the members enclosure courtesy of event sponsor Thrings.

This morning's ascent was a spectacular curtain raiser to our 2014 Fiesta experience and there's plenty more to come. We'll post what we get up on this blog, Twitter and Facebook throughout the weekend. Join us on our adventure!

Words: Dan
Images: Nina

Balloon Fiesta-2Balloon Fiesta-2 It was worth getting up so early to get to Ashton Court to see the balloons take off This year again the Balloon Fiesta attracted a really high number of Bristolians The crowd gathered as the first balloons took off Balloon Fiesta-6Balloon Fiesta-6

The Bristol Balloon Fiesta is another major success this year again Balloon Fiesta-8Balloon Fiesta-8

Balloon Fiesta-10Balloon Fiesta-10

Balloon Fiesta-11Balloon Fiesta-11 Hearing the burners all around Ashton Court is part of the magic of the Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Balloon Fiesta-12Balloon Fiesta-12 Balloon Fiesta-16Balloon Fiesta-16 Hundreds of hot air balloons took of this morning at the Balloon Festival in Bristol

Balloon Fiesta-17Balloon Fiesta-17 Balloon Fiesta-22Balloon Fiesta-22

Balloon Fiesta-19Balloon Fiesta-19 Balloon Fiesta-20Balloon Fiesta-20 Balloon Fiesta-21Balloon Fiesta-21 Balloon Fiesta-23Balloon Fiesta-23 Balloon Fiesta-24Balloon Fiesta-24 Balloon Fiesta-26Balloon Fiesta-26

Balloon Fiesta-27Balloon Fiesta-27

Balloon Fiesta-28Balloon Fiesta-28 Balloon Fiesta-30Balloon Fiesta-30

Balloon Fiesta-29Balloon Fiesta-29 Balloon Fiesta-31Balloon Fiesta-31

Balloon Fiesta-32Balloon Fiesta-32 Balloon Fiesta-36Balloon Fiesta-36

Balloon Fiesta-35Balloon Fiesta-35 Balloon Fiesta-38Balloon Fiesta-38

Balloon Fiesta-37Balloon Fiesta-37 Balloon Fiesta-41Balloon Fiesta-41

Balloon Fiesta-39Balloon Fiesta-39 Balloon Fiesta-42Balloon Fiesta-42

Balloon Fiesta-45Balloon Fiesta-45 Balloon Fiesta-47Balloon Fiesta-47

Balloon Fiesta-44Balloon Fiesta-44

Balloon Fiesta-43Balloon Fiesta-43 Balloon Fiesta-46Balloon Fiesta-46

Balloon Fiesta-48Balloon Fiesta-48 Balloon Fiesta-51Balloon Fiesta-51

Balloon Fiesta-50Balloon Fiesta-50

Going through the gate to Ashton CourtBalloon Fiesta-52



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