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Climbing to the top of the magnificent Wills Memorial Tower has been on my Bristol bucket list ever since I arrived in the city nine years ago.

The flagship building of the University of Bristol has towered over Park Street for 90 years. It has witnessed all sorts of comings and goings in that time including that crazy water slide last summerAs my 10th anniversary of being in Bristol approaches we decided the time it was right to climb those 200 steps.

The tower tour is the third best reviewed Bristol attraction on Trip Advisor and it's easier to see why.

The 80 minute experience led by two very enthusiastic and entertaining guides was great fun!

Beginning in the magnificent entrance hall we slowly made our way to the top stopping off to meet Great George, the 9.5 tonne bell which is surely the only bell to have its own Twitter account

Our little one got to strike George with a hammer just minutes before he struck one o'clock!

From the top of the tower we got a spectacular view of Bristol. From there you really get a sense of how beautiful and architecturally interesting the city is. Council blocks sit alongside Georgian townhouses and the Clifton Suspension Bridge frames the skyline above the harbourside's famous coloured houses.

Before leaving the building we visited the grand reception room containing an impressive painting of the university's most famous chancellor Winston Churchill and finished our tour in the awe-inspiring Great Hall.

If the Wills Memorial Building isn't your Bristol bucket list, add it now and tick it off as soon as you can!


Words: Dan / Pics: Nina

DSC_8659DSC_8659 DSC_8661DSC_8661 DSC_8662DSC_8662 DSC_8663DSC_8663 DSC_8666DSC_8666 DSC_8668DSC_8668 DSC_8669DSC_8669 DSC_8673DSC_8673 DSC_8671DSC_8671 DSC_8674DSC_8674 DSC_8675DSC_8675 DSC_8676DSC_8676 DSC_8677DSC_8677 DSC_8680DSC_8680 The view over Bristol from Wills Memorial is absolutely amazingDSC_8683 DSC_8686DSC_8686 DSC_8691DSC_8691 DSC_8692DSC_8692 DSC_8705DSC_8705 the Great Hall at Wills MemorialDSC_8711 The Sumptuous hall of wills MemorialDSC_8715 DSC_8719DSC_8719 DSC_8721DSC_8721 DSC_8727DSC_8727 DSC_8730DSC_8730 DSC_8713DSC_8713 DSC_8735DSC_8735 Take a tour of Wills Memorial Tower in Bristol, you won't regret it!DSC_8736 DSC_8733DSC_8733




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