Beautiful Brooklyn

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In September 2013 I took a short trip to New York. A year later I had the opportunity to go again as part of the Enterprise Nation Go Global small business mission to the city.

Our base for the trip was the trendy Paramount Hotel, just metres from the craziness of Times Square. The energy of the area is addictive but after a day and a half amidst the hustle and bustle of the heart of the Big Apple, I needed something more sedate so jumped in the subway and headed to Brooklyn Heights.

I’d heard good things about the area but had never visited despite it being my fourth time in New York. Although it’s only 20 minutes away from Manhattan, Brooklyn Heights couldn’t be more different.

It was Saturday morning and the atmosphere was relaxed as the locals strolled around the neighbourhood enjoying the September sun. The architecture is also different with the skyscrapers replaced by grand gothic revival mansions and brownstone buildings.

I took a stroll around the area and stumbled across a flea market where local residents were selling books, jewellery, clothes and other bric-a-brac. After a browse I explored more and entered Montague Street. We love a good independent business at Lifestyle District so I was in my element taking in the sights and sounds. The Garden of Eden fruit and vegetable store was jam-packed with treats and with Halloween around the corner, pumpkins of various colours were in plentiful supply!

The 25-year-old Brooklyn Borough Hall Greenmarket was also in town with vineyard and farm owners from across New York and New Jersey selling their wares. I was particularly drawn to the fruit and vegetable stall run by Fishkill Farms, an organic orchard and vegetable farm in the Hudson Valley. With temperatures in the mid-20s a refreshing drink was in order so I settled on a cold bottle of fresh apple cider. It was gorgeous and the fruitiest fruit juice I’ve ever tasted!

Brooklyn Bridge was a short walk away and despite the huge crowds, I couldn’t resist joining them.

The bridge is absolutely massive and the views of Manhattan are spectacular. As I strolled across it, I stopped every so often to take in some of the most famous sights in the Big Apple; the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty among them. I spent a good half hour on the bridge but still didn’t reach the other side! By this point, I was pretty hungry so headed back to Brooklyn for a bite to eat.

I settled on that New York staple of pizza but didn’t fancy a big chain. Luckily Brooklyn’s independent spirit meant I wasn’t disappointed. I had a huge and delicious slice of freshly prepared pizza and a bottle of Boston Lager in MontyQ's back on Montague Street.

I still had a few hours left in New York so headed back to the subway to check out some more sights. More about that in another post.          


Check out the lovely architecture in Brooklyn Heights, New York City. The impressive gothic revival architecture in Brooklyn Heights, NY (New York) Customers browsing the stalls at a Saturday flea market in Brooklyn Heights, New York City. Fruit and vegetables outside Garden of Eden grocery store on Montague Street, Brooklyn Heights, New York City. Juicy pumpkins ready for Halloween outside Garden of Eden grocery store on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights in New York City.

Look at these juicy pumpkins ready for Halloween in a market in Brooklyn, New York City.

Crowds looking at cheese, fruit and vegetables at Brooklyn Borough Hall Greenmarket farmers market in New York City. Lovely small pumpkins on a stall at Brooklyn Borough Hall Greenmarket in Brooklyn, NY (New York)

During the Enterprise Nation Go Global Small Business Mission to New York, I stopped for a bottle of fresh apple cider from FishKill Farms at Brooklyn Borough Hall Greenmarket. When visiting Brooklyn and New York, make sure you visit the Brooklyn Borough Hall Saturday Greenmarket farmers market. Look out for the pedestrian entrance to Brooklyn Bridge in New York - a must visit! When visiting New York, make sure you check out the amazing views of Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge. Taking part in the Enterprise Nation Go Global Small Business Mission to New York, I walked across Brooklyn Bridge to look at the spectacular views of Manhattan skycrappers. Walking across Brooklyn Bridge is a must-do when visiting New York City, USA. You get an amazing view of the Empire State Building from the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Lots of people leave lock locks on Brooklyn Bridge in New York as they walk across to Manhattan.     If you're looking for great pizza, pasta and salad in New York, check out MontyQ's on Montague Street, Brooklyn Heights, New York, USA.


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